IPIC 2018 - 5th International Physical Internet Conference Groningen

IPIC 2018 aims to provide an open forum for researchers, industry representatives, government officials and citizens to together explore, discuss, introduce leading edge concepts, methodologies, recent projects, technological advancements, start-up initiatives, for current and future Physical Internet implementation.

The conference will continue building on the successful 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 conferences with up to 250 participants. Conference topics include interconnected logistics, PI fundamentals, business models, governance and implementation, cross-chain control, synchromodal transportation, IT systems, stakeholders and their roles.

IPIC 2018 is hosted by the University of Groningen.
Registration directly at https://www.pi.events/registration


- Our IPIC leaflet: https://www.pi.events/sites/default/files/International%20Physical%20Internet%20Conference.pdf

- IPIC website: https://www.pi.events/

- IPIC call for papers: https://www.pi.events/call-for-contributions

- IPIC sponsorship opportunities: https://www.pi.events/sponsoring

- IPIC contact : ipic2018@rug.nl


Registration will open in March 2018: https://www.pi.events/registration

IPIC 2018, University of Groningen, Broerstraat 5, 9712 CP  Groningen, The Netherlands



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