MG Group

The company was founded in 1932 in Groningen as M&G, still its present hometown, by two plumbers who started up the manufacturing of the fitting products they needed for their own installation work. Soon they further developed this part of their business and started to sell the products to other installers through wholesalers in the Netherlands. From the late fifties on they separated the installation business and concentrated on the manufacturing of installation and building products.

The company was very successful and grew to become the major producer of flue systems in the Netherlands during the sixties and seventies, while benefiting from the fast growing application of natural gas. M&G Nederland has always focused on new developments and innovative products. The strong home market position enabled M&G Nederland to prepare itself for the growing export market throughout Europe, which it developed very successfully from the late eighties onwards.
From the beginning of this century M&G Nederland was one of the first company, which founded the successful development of the international M&G Group.




Lean Innovatie

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