ECG Consultant Opleiding (Engelstalig)

The Common Good Balance Sheet is a comprehensive framework for assessing how an organization/company contributes to the common good, based on a matrix that includes all of its activities with respect to five stakeholder groups and four core values (see next page for matrix).
The idea of the "ECONOMY FOR THE COMMON GOOD" (ECG) is supported by an international structure of associations in which numerous volunteers are committed to a new model for the economy.
An economy in which the real purpose of business is recognized as contributing to the common good, not just maximizing financial value.
ECG is now active in thirty countries around the world, including Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, England, Sweden, Switzerland and several countries outside Europe.
In addition to attracting thousands of individual supporters, more than 500 Common Good Balance Sheets have now been created.

All parts of the course will take place interactive live-online.
There will be presentations, small and large group work.
There will be time for discussions, to enable learning and knowledge sharing.
The trainers give specific practical examples.
Beyond the course, there will be Q&A sessions with the trainers and buddy sessions with the participants to share the experiences with each other.
Overview about the whole learning path, the course is divided into 3 x 4 sessions:
✓ 4 days of understanding and applying the ECG content
✓ 4 guided Q&A sessions
✓ 4 buddy sessions
The participants learn how to create a common good report and get deep insights into the common good balancing.

In order to be certified as a "ECGConsultant", everyone must subsequently prepare their own "ECG-Report" (common good report) for their own company and have it audited by an ECG auditor (common good balance sheet).
In addition, the course is designed to enable participants to network with each other, and to get in touch with the regional ECG associations.
The course makes it possible to accompany one's own clients in their work with the themes, topics, aspects and indicators of Balance 5.0.


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